Conferences & Summer Schools

Challenger Conference, Plymouth UK, September 2014

Challenger 2014 gave me the first opportunity to present my work orally outside of my department and associated project groups. I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak about my work in a large venue. Being a smaller conference, there was ample opportunity to hear about work in other marine fields. Luckily, my undergraduate degree in Oceanography provided me with a broad spread of marine understanding, something I think is really important to have as an oceanographer because the oceans are complex and require an interdisciplinary approach. The keynote lectures were particularly good, and it was intriguing to hear Ian Boyd (chief scientific advisor to DEFRA) speak about his work.  

TU Delft Sea Level Summer School, The Netherlands, August 2014

A piece I wrote for NOCnews about the summer school:
"At the end of August, several postgraduate and postdoctoral members of NOC attended a week-long sea level summer school at TU Delft in the Netherlands (André Düsterhus and Luke Jackson (NOCL), Abd Muhaimin Amiruddin and Freya Garry (NOCS)). The course was organized by NOC staff member Svetlana Jevrejeva and Riccardo Riva at TU Delft. As a PhD student whose study involves the thermosteric component of sea level rise, I found the course to be an excellent introductory overview of the different components of sea level science. There were lectures by world experts from many different institutes around the globe. The course had a specific focus on the instruments used for monitoring sea level rise and the implications of observational limitations. I particularly enjoyed the fieldcourse to the Sand Motor, an experimental Dutch sea level rise defense mechanism, and the focus on Dutch strategies for combating the imminent threats posed by sea level rise. If you’re interested in sea level science, keep your eyes peeled because the organisers hope to run the course again in the future."

          NOC Students at TU Delft                 At the Dutch Sand Motor (

Student Conference for Complexity Science, Brighton, UK, August 2014  

EGU, Vienna, April 2014

At the Exhibition Centre in Vienna

Euro-Argo Users Meeting, Southampton UK, June 2013